Theory or Proven

Models and theories explain things away. They tell us how we should act and what we should and shouldn’t do. However, they may prevent us from seeing things in a realistic view.

  • Adam Smith in the 18th century, warned against abstract systems and being carried away by them.
  • Albert Einstein, two centuries later, received a Nobel Prize for his recognition that models and ‘logical’ systems are ultimately a matter of faith.
  • Thomas Kuhn, said science usually just works towards corroborating its models, and reacts with ignorance when the models don’t correspond to reality.

We like to believe so strongly in theories and models that they often take on the status of reality. Ways in which we accept the models like reality can follow us in our everyday lives. For example: if we are told that the human race is full of greed and egocentrism, this model of behavior may eventually be internalized and (unconsciously) imitated.

Ask yourself: What do you believe in, despite not understanding the evidence? And what do you believe in despite having no evidence to support it?

Source: Krogerus, M., Tschappeler, R., The Decision Book (The Unimaginable Model). W. W. Norton & Co. N. Y. / London.

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