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Mediation: Parenting Plans

Marital resentments from the past – such as, who caused the separation and/or divorce; who left and why; hurt and anger regarding the other man/woman; disappointment; the desire to reconcile — all have nothing to do with the children and need to be dealt with separately.  Mixing past marital issues with present parenting issues is […]

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Family Systems – The Concept

Families go through life cycle stages, the same as individuals go through the stages of the life cycle. When families seek change, it is important for them to think of family life as a “system”. When thought of as a family system, every member of the family is given responsibility for change, without blame or […]

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Conflict Resolution

In order to restore stability and communication, mental health experts believe and agree that conflicts must be dealt with in order to prevent deadlock. This model gives 6 ways of dealing with conflict situations: escape, fight, give up, evade responsibility, compromise or reach a consensus. 1. Escape: Avoid is another name for escape. The conflict […]

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