How to Get to Know Yourself

Behavior traits and tendencies are good things to be aware of when it comes to knowing one’s self.  The Uffe Elbaek’s public opinion barometer is a good starting point.  Keep in mind that you will be subject to these four perspectives:

  1. how you see yourself
  2. how you would like to see yourself
  3. how others see you
  4. how others would like to see you

How to Use the Barometer:

Without taking the time to think about it, decide the following on a scale from 1 – 10.  How much of a team person are you, and how much on an individualist?  Do you pay more attention to content or to form?  What is more important to you:  the body or the mind?  Do you feel more global than local?
Define your own axes (rich-poor, happy-sad, extroverted-introverted).

“What is preventing you from being the way you would like to be?”

Source:  Krogerus, M., Tschappeler, R., The Decision Book (The Uffe Elbaek Model). W. W. Norton & Co. N. Y. / London.

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