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Assumption of Strength for Change

Do people fundamentally act according to the accumulation of strengths and skills acquired by past experiences alone?  Or, are they able to strive for change in their lives based on how they are functioning in the present?  The link between an individual and their environment or social system can create a “casual link” between a […]

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When You’re at the Crossroads

Are you finding yourself at the crossroads of life? Or, have you been there and navigated your way out? Most of us will be there one day, if we haven’t already. The “Crossroads Model” was inspired by The Personal Compass, developed by San Francisco consulting agency, The Grove. The model helps you find your direction […]

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Reinventing Yourself (or Product)

Reinvent Yourself or Product, but Don’t Forget What You Already Know! (Why you have to be structured to be creative) The Morphological Box and Scamper Although innovation might mean doing something completely new, it can also mean taking something that already exists and creating a new combination of those things. There are a few steps […]

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The Importance of Making Prompt Decisions

Often times we are faced with making quick decisions without all the details. A great example, at the beginning of a project when the information is limited or ambiguous, the finer details haven’t yet formed their clarified state. It is, however, important to be bold in our decision making power as this is the time […]

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Cost-Benefit Analysis

Cost-Benefit Analysis Knowing how, what, and when to invest is definitely the million dollar question. Many of us in business and in life are making these decisions constantly. Here are a few guidelines to think about when evaluating the cost benefit ratios of investment. The Boston Consulting Group developed a four-field matrix method in the […]

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