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Common Sense Parenting

Effective Praise: Remember to praise small steps in the right direction, too! Show your approval. Describe the positive. Give a reason. Reward. (Optional) Preventive Teaching: Practicing what to expect can help to prevent problems before they occur. Describe what you would like. Give a reason. Practice. Corrective Teaching: Avoid nagging and criticizing when your kids […]

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How Work-Related Issues Can Impact Family Systems

Although most couples are not always aware, but work-related behaviors influence family dynamics and vice versa.  The fact that work is a significant factor in personal happiness, has long been recognized by researchers and clinicians. Examples of Work-Related Issues Affecting Families: *  Unemployment *  Supervisor-Employee Stress *  Dual Careers *  Children Home Alone *  Re-locations […]

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Optimal Family Structure & Function Indices

Optimal Family Roles: Roles are repetitive patterns which delineate the structure and maintain the family interaction process. 1.  Clear differentiation exists between the roles of parent, child, and spouse. 2.  Roles may be shared, reversed, or changed, depending on the situation. 3.  New roles can be tried out or old ones modified. 4.  The roles […]

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Triangulation & Scapegoating

Triangulation & Scapegoating: Interactive Concepts Dyad relationships (mother-father) are unstable systems in families that form a triangle (mother-father-child) when under stress. “Triangulation” is a common pattern for all of us. Take for example, two friends, each will turn to a third friend to gain their point of view in a conflict. The question is, when […]

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Family Boundaries (Interactive Concepts)

Boundaries are essentially unwritten rules that define the family interactions, stating who participates and how. For example, can children of the household express their anger to parents? Can a parent form a coalition with a child against the other parent, if so what happens? Can grandparents discipline children when a parent is in the room? […]

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