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Common Sense Parenting

Effective Praise: Remember to praise small steps in the right direction, too! Show your approval. Describe the positive. Give a reason. Reward. (Optional) Preventive Teaching: Practicing what to expect can help to prevent problems before they occur. Describe what you would like. Give a reason. Practice. Corrective Teaching: Avoid nagging and criticizing when your kids […]

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Styles of Power in Relationships

What are the strategies men and women use to influence each other?  The classic study done by Toni Falbo & Anne Peplau (1980) addresses this question when they asked 50 lesbians, 50 gay men, 50 heterosexual women, and 50 heterosexual men to describe, “How I get my partner to do what I want.”   These […]

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Power in Communication

Conversations are influenced by the balance of power between the two people engaging in them.  Women tend not to speak to men in the same implicit strength they use toward other women.  As a rule, women allow men to interrupt them more often than they interrupt men in return.  Interestingly, those who get interrupted are […]

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The Process of Power in Relationships (Powerful vs. Powerless)

Powerful people are used to getting what they want and power feels good.  Powerful people experience positive moods and higher self-esteem as opposed to less powerful people.  They feel in control of things, tend to think they can control things that are uncontrollable, they tend to act when there’s something they want, and initiate negotiations […]

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Men, Women & Power in Relationships

Most of us like the notion of equal partnerships, but we may be influenced more than we know by the broad cultural patterns surrounding us in daily life.  This means:  “there is an imbalance of power, with one person making more decisions, controlling more of the joint activities and resources, winning more arguments and, in […]

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