Are You Living in the Here and Now?

We’ve always been told to live in the here and now, but why?

Non-judgmental questions to ask yourself:  how much time do you spend thinking about the past, how much about the here and now, and how much about the future?  In other words, how much of your time is devoted to thinking wistfully or thankfully, about what has been?  How often do you feel you are concentrating on what you are doing in the moment?  How often do you imagine what the future holds for you, or worry about what lies ahead?

The following models reflect different cultures:  memory-driven (nostalgic Europe); dream-driven (USA – ‘land of opportunity’; and reality-driven (industrious Asia).  The following will break down the amount of focus one has on past, future, and present.

40% Past
30% Future
30% Now

65% Future
30% Now
5%   Past

70% Now
20% Future
10% Past

‘You can’t change the past.  But, you can ruin the present by worrying about the future.

Source:    Krogerus, M., Tschappeler, R., The Decision Book (The Energy Model). W. W. Norton & Co. N. Y. / London.

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